Gastric Sleeve

Your beginner guide to Gastric sleeve. 

Whether you’re just starting out looking for infos or you already know some details, this guide has all the infos you need to learn about this procedure. 

It’s in 8 chapters, we suggest you go in order for a easier understanding. However, feel free to start wherever you want if you need detailed information on a specific subject.

What is gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is one of the most efficient, preferred, and life-changing weight loss surgeries. So, we prepared a beginner guide for you so that you can learn everything about the gastric sleeve and how it helps you lose weight.

Here is the complete guide for you! 

What is a gastric sleeve
Gastric sleeve requirements

Gastric Sleeve Requirements

Gastric sleeve is a weight loss treatment. It’s about improving health and life quality. For this treatment, there are some requirements that a patient needs to meet. 

Let’s see what they are and even see other options if a gastric sleeve is not right for you!

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

We’ve prepared a step by step guide for you about gastric sleeve surgery. You’ll know about your the procedure itself, what to do the day before and after.

Let’s dive into the details!

Gastric Sleeve surgery
Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Gastric Sleeve Recovery

The recovery after gastric sleeve is a very long process. Week by week, month by month, we covered every piece of information you need. 

You can also get some tips and tricks for your recovery and get through this process as easily as possible!

Gastric Sleeve Complications

Even though it is a slight possibility, complications might occur. This article is about the causes, the treatments, and most importantly how to prevent these complications. 


Gastric Sleeve Complications
gastric sleeve regrets

Gastric Sleeve Regrets

There might be some troubles, difficulties, and overwhelming phases during the gastric sleeve journey but, don’t forget, nothing is solvable.  With this article, we’ve tried to guide you with some tips and make these challenges easy to cope with for you!

Gastric Sleeve Cost

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery depends on different aspects and varies greatly. If you want to calculate your out-of-pocket cost, this ultimate guide will help you consider every detail, including additional costs, financing, and insurance coverages.

gastric sleeve cost
gastric sleeve Turkey

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your gastric sleeve surgery, Turkey offers you the best service with a high quality-low price ratio. 

To learn more about the prices, all-inclusive packages, pros & cons, and details about traveling, you check out this article! 

Gastric Sleeve Revision

After gastric sleeve, the patients may not achieve their expected weight loss goals because of several reasons. These could be complications, weight stall or not losing enough weight. The solution for these problems is gastric sleeve revision surgery. 

To find out more about the surgery itself, the types, and the post-op life, feel free to check the article.

gastric sleeve revision
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