What Causes Gastric Sleeve Leak and How to Treat It

On average, there is a 2% risk of gastric leakage after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Usually, the occurrence of this complication is directly related to the expertise of the bariatric surgeon. Apart from this, patients who did not take good care of themselves after the surgery may also encounter leakage.

Gastric Sleeve Leak Symptoms

If you start to see the following symptoms after performing sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you should immediately consult with your doctor.Gastric Sleeve leak symptoms;

  • Fast heart rate, fever, chills;
  • Abdominal pain, chest pain, and difficulty in breathing/breathing faster than usual;
  • Visible drainage from the incision;
  • Intense nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure, pain in the left shoulder area;
  • Less urination and general weakness

How Does Gastric Leak Feel?

Some of the symptoms of gastric leaks mean that you should contact the nearest healthcare facility.Fever, abdominal pain, and nausea/vomiting will be decisive for you.If your symptoms are getting worse and you cannot go directly to your doctor’s clinic; call your bariatric doctor immediately and make sure they’re in contact with the health institution you go to.

Gastric Sleeve Leak Treatment

During the treatment period, you will be given antibiotics intravenously. Infections caused by the leak are drained and the damage is reduced. A second surgery is then performed to repair the leak. A tube or stent is inserted into the leaking area through the stomach pouch or small intestine. Oral feeding is stopped for a certain period of time.

Anastomotic Leaking in Gastrostomy Tube

Anastomotic leaking is the flow of digestive fluids and partially digested food from the stomach into the abdominal cavity as a result of complications experienced after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This complication, which develops due to different reasons, is of vital importance. Therefore, it must be treated.Will it continue up to 3 Months After gastric sleeve surgery?The average recovery time of the gastric sleeve leak is 6 monthsCan the stomach leak 3 months after sleeve gastrectomy? yes, especially when the swelling starts to go down, it can cause leakage. However, this happens very rarely.Will Gastric Tube Leakage Occur After 1 Year?After the completion of the surgery, the healing process of the new stomach will be completed within 1 year. Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is a risk that can be seen for a short time after surgery. It is not found in a healed stomach.

Causes of Leakage After Gastric Sleeve

People who perform gastric sleeve surgery should adapt to their new lives and leave their old habits. Because the things that can cause leakage after sleeve gastrectomy include smoking or alcohol use. In addition, the person’s diabetes or delayed healing due to blood flow problems also triggers leakage. However, apart from all these reasons, the most important issue is that gastric surgery is not closed successfully and carefully.

Tube Gastric Leak and Pancreatitis

Gastric tube leakage is a problem that triggers the complication of pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that causes damage to pancreatic cells. According to a study conducted on 2695 patients who underwent gastric sleeve surgery, complications of acute pancreatitis were encountered in 28 patients during 3.5 years of follow-up. This corresponds to only 1.04%.

What is the Difference Between Gastric Perforation and Gastric Tube Leakage?

Stomach perforation; A hole in the stomach, large intestine, or small intestine. It can develop as a result of trauma or disease in healthy individuals. Gastric tube leakage is the loss of the effect of the gastric closure procedure performed after the completion of the sleeve gastrectomy and the leakage of the liquids inside. In other words, it is not expected to develop in a healthy person and is directly related to the tube stomach.NauseaIf your nausea is getting worse, your fever is getting higher, and you are starting to feel sluggish and sick, you should be worried. Apart from that, occasional nausea is caused by the body’s adaptation process to the new stomach.

Can Sex Tube Cause Stomach Leak?

Sex is one of the situations that individuals who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery should pay the most attention to. Sexual intercourse is not recommended, especially during the first 3 weeks following the surgery. After this period, if interested, try to have calm, relaxing sex and avoid any rough actions.Moving quickly and making movements that will damage your stitches can cause stomach leakage.

Can Too Much Drinking Cause Tube Gastric Leakage?

After sleeve gastrectomy, you can consume as many drinks as you want because beverages are extremely easy to digest and pass through your system without harming your stomach. In fact, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.However, when choosing the liquids you consume, you should make sure that they are not alcohol-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and gaseous. Preferring drinks that will disrupt your diet and consuming too much will risk your surgery in many ways.

Can Coffee Cause Tube Gastric Leakage?

It is better not to drink coffee after sleeve gastrectomy surgery due to the high amount of caffeine it contains. However, its consumption does not cause leakage after surgery. Consuming coffee can be tolerated by your body under certain conditions.You can consume 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day (without disturbing your stomach). Adding skim milk or milk containing rich calcium makes digestion easier. In addition, you should not ignore consuming water twice the amount of coffee you consume.

Does Smoking Cigarette Cause Gastric Leakage?

Smoking affects the vascular access and blood circulation system of people, causing a weakening of the maximum blood flow. In this case, the wound healing rate of people weakens and the expected recovery time is prolonged. Smoking, especially after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, directly affects the recovery of the stomach.Smoking poses a near and long-term risk of gastric sleeve leakage. The stomach, which is difficult to heal, will tend to leak. For this reason, you should end your smoking habit after the operation, if any.

Can Coughing Cause Gastric Tube Leak?

After sleeve gastrectomy, it is possible for you to have a cough for certain reasons and to experience intense coughing attacks. Since coughing is thought to shake people’s internal organs, it is perfectly normal to worry about trauma and stomach leakage.Can coughing cause gastric sleeve leak; Coughing is normal and will not cause any harm to your sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Just as sneezing does not pose a problem for your stomach surgery, coughing will not.If you have been discharged from the hospital and have been healthy for a few weeks after your surgery, you do not need to worry about these natural conditions. However, if you are having a coughing condition right after your surgery, you may need to be kept under control, your doctor will take care of you in the best way possible.Please contact us if you have similar or different concerns regarding this matter. All your questions will be answered sincerely, clearly, and accurately.

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