Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Costs, Pros and Cons, Before and Afters

Chapter 8

Are you considering gastric sleeve in Turkey to help you achieve your weight loss goals? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision, and there are many factors to consider. Turkey has become a popular choice for those seeking quality and affordable weight loss surgery, and in this blog post, we’ll explore why.

This is the last part of our complete guide to gastric sleeve surgery. Whether you’ve just started your research or you’re ready to make a decision, we hope that this guide has helped you feel more confident and informed. 

Now let’s get into detail about getting a gastric sleeve in Turkey.

Why do people consider Turkey?

The main reason people consider Turkey is the price-quality ratio. Gastric sleeve Turkey has an 87% satisfaction rate. For foreign patients, procedures in Turkey are quite affordable. Not only that, medical tourism service providers in Turkey make sure that you receive the best service possible. (1)

With support from the Ministry of Health, Turkey is able to offer services to international patients in top of the line hospitals, with FDA-approved medical equipment, and the exceptional experience of Turkish surgeons, at an affordable cost.

In countries where medical treatments are expensive, and can even result in life-long debt, it’s natural for people to look for more affordable options. What separates Turkey from all affordable options is the fact that the quality of the treatment will be the same, or maybe even better depending on the surgeon’s experience. 

Is it safe to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey? How can you be sure?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to have gastric sleeve surgery here in Turkey. The hospitals and surgeons in this field are accredited and qualified to perform this surgery. To be qualified to perform gastric sleeve, surgeons dedicate their time and effort to it. You will be in good hands.

Also, the medical tourism agency or hospital you should choose should have a TÜRSAB license that is given by the Ministry of Heath. These hospitals or agencies usually have the TÜRSAB logo on their websites if they are licensed. When you click on the logo, they usually direct you to the TÜRSAB webpage confirming the agency’s registration. You can find the licensed hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and service facilitators (medical travel agencies)  in the Health Services General Directorate – Health Tourism Department’s website

This license makes it possible to hold the parties accountable if anything were to happen to you. If the clinic or the service provider doesn’t have this license, they cannot be held accountable or inspected by the Ministry of Health because they are not certified. It’s illegal to provide services to foreign patients without a proper license.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gastric sleeve in Turkey?

There are quite splendid advantages to traveling to Turkey for your gastric sleeve procedure, but there are also disadvantages. But, do not fret. Most service providers will have solutions prepared to make your journey as safe and comfortable as possible. Let’s start with the pros first.

gastric sleeve in turkey

Pros of gastric sleeve Turkey

  • Affordability: Affordability is the most advantageous aspect of having your surgery in Turkey. Getting a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be a cost-effective option, with all-inclusive packages that offer quality services. 
  • No waiting list: You can have your gastric sleeve surgery anytime you want! Because there is no waiting list. As soon as you let your service provider know the dates that you are available, your date of surgery will be scheduled accordingly with your availability.
  • Reliability: The hospitals that treat medical tourism patients are mostly JCI (Joint Commission International)-accredited and service providers are TÜRSAB licensed. All operations concerning international patients are strictly examined and regulated by the Ministry of Health.
  • Confidentiality: You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your privacy. Thanks to patient-doctor confidentiality, everything about your gastric sleeve procedure is yours to either share or keep private. Such as your journey, your medical past, current illnesses, before-after photos… Everything will be kept private as you wish.

Cons of gastric sleeve Turkey

  • Not knowing Turkish: Not being able to speak the native language of your destination can stress people out. To prevent miscommunication between the patients and the doctor, service providers will match you with translators that can speak your native language to help. These translators will keep you company until you are discharged and ready to go home.
  • Tourist traps: Different tourist traps exist in every popular tourist destination. There are a lot of people that can try and take advantage of your situation. For instance, taxi drivers may try to overcharge you by taking the long road, or AirBnB owners may overcharge you for their rooms/apartments. To prevent these from happening, the medical tourism agency of your choice will provide you with accommodation and transportation.
  • Being away from home: Being away from home also can mean being away from your family and friends. And you are traveling to another country to have your gastric sleeve surgery. Even if you have a companion, this may make you feel a bit uneasy. But do not worry. Medical tourism patients are accommodated in 4-star hotels and taken good care of. For anything that is bothering you, or making you nervous, you can contact your surgeon, translator, or service provider. They will be there for you. And you can always bring a family member or a friend to accompany you. 

Comparing gastric sleeve Turkey price vs other countries

We have talked about the affordability of gastric sleeve procedures in Turkey. We can confidently say that we can offer the most affordable prices compared to many countries. Not only that, but we can also provide the best service our patients deserve.

Let’s review the comparison below:




$2.500 – $4.000

United Kingdom

 $6.000 – $28.500

United States

$6.200 – $20.000


$6.500 – $16.500

As it’s evident, you can save up to 91% if you get this surgery in Turkey. Turkey has the most affordable prices among other countries and that does not stop there. Let me explain.

The quotes that were given from the US and the UK are only the surgery prices. Those prices do not include hospital stay, anesthesia, surgical tools, medicines, blood tests, etc. All of the other things that should be done alongside surgery are considered additional fees. With that, the already expensive price of the surgery can become very high. 

The prices you see for Turkey are allinclusive package deals. This means it includes all the fees for the surgery, anesthesia, blood work, medicine, tools, etc. Not only that but the fees for extra services such as accommodation, transportation, and translation are also included in the prices for Turkey. So, you won’t have to worry about facing a long bill and unforeseen expenses. You can just get a quote and know that you’ll be charged the exact amount.

The All-Inclusive package Turkey offers you!

So, what exactly is included in these packages? Of course, the services provided will be different for each clinic. Speaking for ourselves, our baseline package includes:

  • VIP Transportation from/to the airport, and between your clinic and the hotel
  • Accommodation for 2 nights at the hospital, 5 nights at the hotel
  • Translation services in your preferred language
  • Pre-surgery bloodwork
  • Free consultation
  • Operation & general anesthesia
  • Medications (prescribed)
  • Checkups by your surgeon for a year, online
  • Access to a dietician for a year, online.

How about extra charges? Are there any?

Additional charges can be applied only if you want extra services. We don’t request any additional payments unless the patient asks for a product/service that wasn’t included in their base package price.

For example, our baseline package includes prescription medications, such as antibiotics you have to take after the surgery. For example, we suggest using supplements to avoid any vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Supplements aren’t included in the baseline package, but we can upgrade your package to include the supplements if you’d like. 

Another example, we provide transportation from and to the airport, and between the hospital and the hotel. But if you’d like we could upgrade your transportation services to be city-wide, and add sightseeing options. All these extras will cost an additional fee and are available only if you’re willing to pay. 

How can I pay for gastric sleeve in Turkey?

Medical tourism hospitals and clinics provide their patients with various types of payment methods. Be sure to contact your service provider to ask which options are available, because some hospitals or clinics may not have all of the payment methods you wish to use.

Cash: You can pay cash for your gastric sleeve surgery. You won’t need to exchange the currency, as payments in Euros, Dollars, and Pounds are accepted by most clinics.

Credit card or debit card: Carrying cash with you can be a bit overwhelming. You can pay via credit or debit cards. However, your bank may limit the amount of money you can spend abroad. That is why you should contact your bank before deciding on this payment method.

Online payment: You can pay beforehand via online payment. Be sure to contact your bank before doing so. You may have a certain limit to pay online to an abroad facility.

Financing: Financing is another method that you can use. This method is not preferred among tourist patients that much. Because the procedure in Turkey is already way more affordable. Of course, you are going to need to have a bank account in Turkey to do this which could be annoying to deal with.

Deposit: Before coming to Turkey for your procedure, you can pay a certain percentage set by your service provider upfront. You should receive a receipt for the deposit. After your arrival, you can pay the rest of the price.

How to choose a good gastric sleeve surgeon in Turkey? Who can provide the best results?

Most general surgeons are certified to perform gastric sleeve procedures. However, it is recommended that you choose a surgeon who specializes in bariatric procedures. This way you can receive the best results possible.

To choose among the gastric sleeve surgeons in Turkey, you need to do your research thoroughly. Gastric sleeve surgeons should be experienced and skilled in bariatric surgeries. You can contact and ask the bariatric surgeon you are researching how many bariatric surgeries they successfully perform in a year, which should be at least 25 (2).

This number can be way up for a medical tourism surgeon since they perform a lot of surgeries in the span of a year. The more surgeries they perform, the more practical experience they have. With more practical experience, they are able to perform these surgeries with ease.

How to choose a good hospital in Turkey? What features to look for?

A hospital or a clinic needs to have certain qualifications to serve foreign patients. If they meet the standards, they are accredited by the Ministry of Health and JCI. There are websites where you can check if a hospital is accredited by JCI.

Hospitals that serve international patients need to have the latest technology equipment. You can check the hospitals’ websites to see their gallery; you can see the hospital rooms, operation rooms, etc. Also, you can check the reviews patients have submitted on various different websites. Most trustworthy hospitals will showcase their reviews proudly.

Which Turkish city should I choose for the gastric sleeve?

In Turkey, various different cities are locations offer gastric sleeve surgery for international patients. Among the most preferred cities, there are Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya. And between these cities, by far the most preferred city is Istanbul.

The pricing in these cities can differ because the cost of living differs in these cities. For instance, the cost of living in Ankara is 387$ while it is 498$ in Istanbul. We can say that the bigger the city is, the bigger the cost of living, which will make the quotes higher. Now let’s go through each city one by one. 


Istanbul is a metropolitan city that is also a historical landmark. Most international patients prefer Istanbul as their destination because it’s a social and cultural hub, with incredible historic sites, and incredible service and hospitality. And because of the high demand, there are more medical tourism agencies and hospitals in Istanbul.

For some, a big, crowded city can be overwhelming. To ensure comfort, we make sure that accommodations are located near the hospital, so patients can escape the hectic and lively city to rest well and recover. If you wish to go sightseeing, you can always ask for a VIP transfer or even a city tour.


Ankara is located in the middle of Turkey. And it is mostly known for its steppe climate. Long story short, because there is barely any humidity in Ankara, winters can be pretty cold and summers can be extremely hot. But, as the capital of Turkey, it has its own beauties to admire, like modernist architecture. Also, among the cities we are comparing, Ankara has the lowest prices. Still, most patients prefer Istanbul over Ankara because of the climate, and Istanbul has much more to offer in terms of entertainment. 


Antalya is a popular tourist destination in Turkey, known as the “tourism capital.” Despite attracting many patients every year, the city’s hot and humid summers can be uncomfortable. It’s important to be prepared with sunscreen and protective gear during summer visits. Antalya might not be the best choice to get this surgery, as you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the sea due to a risk of infection. 


Izmir is another beauty of Turkey. The historical sites that you can see there will surely give you chills down your spine, especially if you are interested in Greek mythology. And the prices are more affordable compared to Istanbul. But, there aren’t as many options as there are in Istanbul when it comes to experienced surgeons and hospitals. 

What are the requirements for traveling to Turkey? – Attention medical tourists!

Of course, to travel to another country, there are certain documents and papers you need to obtain. To enter Turkey, you are going to need to do the following:

  • Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of your arrival.
  • If you are an EU citizen, you do not need to obtain a visa. However, if your stay in Turkey will be over 90 days, you are going to need a residency visa.
  • If you are not a EU citizen, and if you are an ordinary passport holder, you are going to need a medical visa. It is valid for 30-90 days. If your stay in Turkey will be more than 90 days, you will need a residency visa.
  • You are going to need an entering stamp and an exiting stamp to arrive and depart from Turkey.

Other countries have different requirements to enter Turkey. You can get more information from Turkish Embassies in your country or Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

How long should I be in Turkey for gastric sleeve?

You should stay in Turkey for 7-8 days during your first recovery stage. Gastric sleeve is minimally invasive, yes. But you need to give your body some time to heal before traveling.

You will be spending 2-3 days in the hospital for observation. After being discharged, you will be spending the rest of your first recovery stage in the hotel, where you’ll have access to nurses 24/7.

Can I bring a companion with me? Will I be alone?

Of course, you can! It is actually recommended that you bring a companion with you for your gastric sleeve surgery. After your surgery, your mobility will be quite limited. And in case of post-op risks such as dizziness, nausea, and other possible risks, you may need a companion during your hospital stay. Bringing a family member, or a close friend also can be extremely helpful when it comes to emotional support. After all, the step you’re taking is a big one, and the support you get from your circle can be crucial.

However, it is still optional. Some patients have come to have their surgery by themselves and did just fine on their own. We make sure that our patients never feel lonely, and our nurse staff and bariatric teams are always available if you need anything.

If you’re going to bring a companion, do not forget to check in with your service provider to see if there would be any price differences, and make sure to budget for an extra flight ticket.

How long after can I fly?

You can fly a week after your surgery, provided you did not experience any complications.

The reason why it is recommended you fly after a week is the risk of blood clotting. With the drastic pressure changes, an aircraft is not the ideal environment after surgery. While on a plane, you get less oxygen than you do on the ground. And while you should be mobile during your short-term recovery (the first week after the procedure), you will not be able to be mobile during your flight. All of these factors can increase the chance of blood clotting.

To ensure your safety during the flight, first, you must recover properly. When it’s safe for you to fly, you will be prescribed blood thinners to reduce the risk of blood clots, which you shouldn’t skip and take as indicated. Also, surgeons in medical tourism facilities provide you with “Fit-to-fly” reports so that you can take the necessary medications and vitamins on board.

Do I need to come back for appointments?

It is totally optional. There are blood tests that we ask for you to provide to check your levels at the 6th, 9th, and 12th-month marks. You can get the bloodwork done in your homeland, and send the results to us so that we can check whether or not everything is alright. But, if you want to, you can revisit Turkey for your blood tests. In the meantime, you can have a little vacation.

After being discharged, you will be given an epicrisis report. This report indicates the steps taken during your surgery and hospital stay. So if you experience any discomfort or, god forbid, a complication, you don’t have to fly back to Turkey. Instead, you can show this report to your local doctor. This way they will be able to treat you correctly.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Before/After Pictures

gastric sleeve turkey before and after patient 1
gastric sleeve turkey before and after patient 2
gastric sleeve turkey before and after patient 3
gastric sleeve turkey before and after patient 4


(1) Mayir B. Practices concerning sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey: A survey of surgeons. World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. 2021;13(5):452-460. doi:10.4240/wjgs.v13.i5.452 Link

(2) American society for metabolic and bariatric surgery, Become a fellow of ASMBS, 2023 Link 

(3) Seyit H, Alis H. Five-year outcomes for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy from a single center in Turkey. Annals of Saudi Medicine. 2020;40(4):310-315. doi:10.5144/0256-4947.2020.310 Link

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