How Much Does the Gastric Balloon Cost?

Chapter 3

Gastric Balloon Cost

Now that you know everything about gastric balloon treatment and its risks, let’s check out the cost of gastric balloon and how it is affected by other factors. 

The cost of gastric balloon treatment is one of the significant factors that influence patients’ decisions, especially those who live in countries where this procedure costs a noticeable amount of money. If you’re still not sure about this decision and do not know the risks of gastric balloon, just take a look at the previous chapter on gastric balloon risks before if there are things you don’t know about gastric balloon, take a look at gastric balloon cost is pointless.

Gastric Balloon Cost Based on Type

We’ve given a thorough explanation of all the gastric balloon types on the market in our guide on gastric balloon. In this section, we’ll only talk about the prices, the number of balloons inserted into your stomach, and the method of insertion.

– Depending on the device manufacturer, the cost of all the procedures varies. The three most popular, FDA-approved gastric balloons are Orbera, ReShape, and Obalon.

– The cost of each balloon is almost $8,000.

– Obalon is about $10,000 because there are three balloons and the procedure takes more time.

On average, Obalon costs about $2,000 more than Orbera. This makes sense as it requires more surgeon time and more balloons. You’ll also need to budget more time to schedule the repeat placements.

Type of Balloon Number of Balloons Method of Insertion Price
Orbera Single balloon Through mouth $8,150
ReShape Dual balloon Through mouth $8,000
Obalon Triple balloon Swallowable (pill) $6,000 to $9,000

The mentioned prices are an average of the gastric balloon costs in different parts of the US. Of course, the final cost differs in various regions and countries.

Gastric Balloon Cost vs Other Bariatric Procedures

Gastric balloon and aspire assist are the only weight loss solutions that insurance does not cover in almost all cases. But other bariatric procedures which are surgeries and more invasive including lap-band, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass, there is a chance that insurance will pay the price, even though it takes usually up to one year till you start your attempts and your application is approved.

Below, there is a chart of the average price of all the obesity treatments in the US.

Gastric balloon cost vs the cost of other bariatric procedures

Remember, these numbers are without insurance. As you see, gastric balloon with a cost of $8,000 and aspire assist with the price of $10,000 are the cheapest, yet the only ones that you should pay all the money yourself. Duodenal switch is the most expensive one and then gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding.

Will Insurance Pay for My Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Unfortunately, insurance does not pay for gastric balloon in most countries including Canada, America, the UK, and Australia.

– In the United States, most insurance companies exclude intragastric balloon from their insurance coverage plans because as Medicare states, “the long term safety and efficacy of the device in the treatment of obesity has not been established.”

– Canada’s National Health Insurance program does not pay a penny for gastric balloon treatment, probably for the same reasons.

– Australia’s Health and Fund covers the procedure but only partially without paying for the major parts.

_ The UK’s NHS pays the costs of your gastric balloon treatment only if you can prove obesity is severely impacting your health.

Gastric Balloon Final Cost

Gastric balloon cost is not just the cost of the balloon and the procedure itself, but the added expenses that are for your life before, during, and after the procedure.

Pre-op costs During procedure costs post-op costs

– Initial consultations (Are free at some centers)

– Psychology evaluation

– X-Ray and blood tests

– Cardiology


– The cost of the stomach balloon

– Hospital and surgeon fees

– Surgical assistants fees

– Pathology

– Radiology

– Follow-up visits

– Vitamins and resources

– Gym and trainer fees

– New clothes

– Plastic surgery for loose skin (not necessary)


Post-Op (Costs After Procedure)

  • Addressing any complications
  • Follow-up doctor visits
  • Bariatric vitamins
  • Extra food costs (healthier food tends to cost more)
  • Personal trainer and/or gym membership
  • New clothes (wait to go crazy with this until you reach your plateau weight)

Cost of Gastric Balloon Pill

As you know gastric balloon pills are not covered by insurance and the price is between $8,000 and $10,000. 

The final cost usually includes:

– Consultation (most of the time this is free)

– Diet and exercise schedules

– Insertion of 3 balloons

– follow-ups

– The pill removal

Types of discounts: 

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