Op. Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan

Op. Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan has completed his residency in the Department of General Surgery at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. he founded this clinic in 2019 and cares for all general surgery and metabolic surgery patients.

About Us



Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan completed his specialist training in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery and his compulsory military service in Batman Kozluk State Hospital. Following this, he worked in many different hospitals respectively; Eskişehir Ümit Hospital, Medipol University Faculty of Medicine/General Surgery Clinic, Ethica İncirli Hospital, Bezmiâlem Foundation University Faculty of Medicine/General Surgery Clinic. Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan is currently running his own medical practice in a private clinic. He has competence across all areas of surgical practice, principally in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery.

Since the clinic’s establishment in 2019, he has been offering his patients healthcare services in all the areas of general surgery as well as bariatric surgery.

Our Services

Check out Dr. Ceyhun Aydogan’s services on bariatric surgery approved by the world authorities.

Gastric Sleeve

It is the most popular weight-loss surgery in Turkey, which constitutes approximately 80% of the operations performed in our clinic.

Gastric Bypass

Performed in order to reduce the amount of food absorbed by the intestines, gastric bypass is a more complicated, riskier operation than tube stomach.

Gastric Balloon

Performed by placing a balloon in the stomach, the gastric balloon procedure has notably increased in popularity in the last recent years since patients consider it less risky.

Stomach Botox

It is a weight loss method that aims to provide a feeling of satiety by injecting botulinum toxin into certain areas of the stomach.


Introduced for the first time by Dr. Scorpinar, Sadi- s is a less risky alternative to gastric bypass surgery.

Diabetes Surgery

Also known as Diabetes Disease Surgery, Diabetes surgery is performed to reduce insulin secretion rate.

Meet the staff

Gülserap Alagöz


As of 2021, I am working as a clinical assistant in Dr.Ceyhun Aydogan clinic. I organize the files of the patients by following the hospital organizations of the clinical interview, Appointment and Op procedures. I follow the personal documents of the patients. I provide guidance for the examinations and treatments of the patients requested by the doctor. I am responsible for the patient, doctor and all in-hospital relations.

Görkem Gökmen


As of 2021, Dr. I work as a Dietitian & Psychologist in Ceyhun Aydoğan team. I do nutritional counseling and weight follow-up of patients before and after surgery. I also provide psychological support to patients.

Ceren Kendir


As of 2021, Dr. I work as a nurse in Ceyhun Aydoğan’s team. In the hospital, I carry out the pre-operative preparations and post-operative nursing care of the patients, follow the post-operative analysis and examinations of the patients and arrange their discharge.