What Is Bariatric Surgery Revision? When Patients Need It?

The main disadvantage of our sedentary lifestyles, easier work, and bad eating habits is obesity! There is an increase in the number of obese people around the globe, regardless of age. Bariatric surgeons are at the forefront of this battle against obesity. Obesity surgery is applied to restore people’s health. However, this treatment method cannot respond due to some reasons, then bariatric surgery revision is required.

Bariatric Surgery Revision

As the number of performed bariatric surgery performed increases, the number of patients who are in need of bariatric surgery revision also increases. Losing weight has a difficult process. During this process, when people encounter psychological or physiological problems and need another operation, they are adversely affected. Re-operation becomes mandatory, especially in cases where the person cannot make changes in his/her lifestyle after the surgery, and also in the case of the development of postoperative complications.

Why Is Bariatric Surgery Revision Necessary?

There are two important points for bariatric revision surgery.The first reason is that the weight loss process for some patients is temporary and stops after a while.After the first operation, both appetite and eating patterns change. As a result, patients lose weight rapidly and their health improves noticeably. However, after a while, the person starts to return to his old habits and in this case, obesity re-enters their life.Another reason is patients think surgery is the magical solution and there is no need for them to continue their efforts and be faithful to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the weight loss results will not blast for a long time.Gastric Banding Revision SurgeryIf the band slips over time, the desired effect is prevented, so a re-operation is required.Gastric Botox Surgery RevisionIn gastric Botox, revision surgery is applied when the Botox melts over time and causes the stomach to return to its original state.

What is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery Revision?

Your doctor will determine this because they’re the ones that define the process of the operation and its difficulty. Therefore, it is not easy to determine an exact number.Revision surgery costs as much as the first surgical operation in every country, but depending on the difficulty of the operation it can increase up to double the price of the first.Europe; 10-50,000 EurosAmerica; $8-45,000Asia; It has costs between $5-38,000.

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

If the method used in your previous obesity surgery is gastric bypass, the preferred method in revision surgery will vary. The laparoscopic Distal Roux-en-Y gastric bypass method is used for bariatric surgery revision bypass. With this procedure, your nutrients and calorie absorption are reduced, which will prevent you from regaining weight. Thus, a smaller revision is obtained by supporting your previously performed bypass surgery.

How Long Does Revision Obesity Surgery Take?

Revision bariatric surgery may not include only a single operation. In this case, the process will take longer. However;

  • Depending on the previous weight loss surgery, the method of the second surgery is determined.
  • The duration of all identified methods is approximately 20 to 60 minutes.

What Should I Ask the Obesity Surgeon About Revision Surgery?

If you have decided to have obesity revision surgery, the questions you should definitely ask your doctor are;

  • What complications may I encounter in the future?
  • What kind of life awaits me after the surgery?
  • What are the complications from previous surgeries you have performed?

The purpose of these questions is to know all the possible side effects and prepare yourself. The last question is somehow the most important one; it is your right to ask the percentage of postoperative complications the doctor has encountered in their previous surgeries, and it is vital to choose a doctor with a low complication rate in their portfolio.

Does My Insurance Cover the Costs of Bariatric Revision Surgery?

Unless certain conditions are met, Insurance companies do not cover the costs of bariatric surgery. For this reason, the second revision bariatric surgery will not be accepted by your insurance. However, if the person’s previous weight loss attempt is unsuccessful and their BMI is over 40, some insurance companies cover the price with a certain limit.

Bariatric Revision Surgery Types

Bariatric revision surgery options vary depending on your previous bariatric surgery.

  • If you have had gastric bypass surgery before, you can choose the ROSE (Restorative Obesity Surgery Endoscopic) procedure and gastric banding.
  • If you have undergone gastric banding, you can have gastric bypass surgery.
  • You can also have gastric bypass surgery if you have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery before.

In addition, your doctor may give you different recommendations depending on your situation.

Age Restrictions for Bariatric Revision Surgery

While performing bariatric surgery revision, the age range of the person is taken into consideration as well as the weight status of the person. Too young people or patients with a BMI over 40 may be too old to have a second surgery. Considering the urgency of the situation, the age restrictions for bariatric surgery are a maximum of 70 and a minimum of 16. It is not considered appropriate to process people outside this age range.

Is Bariatric Revision Surgery Difficult? Is it risky?

Obesity surgery might bring about different risks in the first surgery. The second operation on an already modified stomach brings greater risks. If revision bariatric surgery is performed by a good doctor, the risk of complications is 9%. However, as a result of the doctor not being successful in his field, this rate can be carried to large figures such as 19%. For this reason, the second operation must be performed by a good doctor.

Is a New Psychological Evaluation Needed for Bariatric Surgery Revision?

Psychological evaluations before bariatric surgery help to understand whether the patient is ready for this surgery. This evaluation must be made before the second operation to be performed on the person who has failed to lose weight in a sustainable way in the previous operation. Especially if the reason for the failure of the person is to continue bad eating habits, this evaluation is more important.

Bariatric Revision Surgery for Protrusion and Erosion of Gastric Band

One of the most preferred methods in bariatric surgery is the use of a laparoscopic band. However, this method is one of the main reasons for revision surgeries as it causes more problems in the future.Generally, as a result of the Laparoscopic band, there are many complications such as protrusion, erosion, pouch enlargement, decrease in weight loss and return to weight gain over time and development of reflux.If your revision surgery is due to erosion or protrusion of your band, this band is usually removed in bariatric revision surgery and a different method is tried for the stomach.

Effects of Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision bariatric surgery helps reduce obesity caused by weight regain.The reason for bariatric revision surgery is basically that the effects of the old surgery disappear and people start to gain weight again.As a result of studies conducted in only one clinic, an increase in the weight loss of patients was observed at the rates of 18%, 41%, 40%, and 47%, respectively. Acceptable risks and a revision surgery performed by a specialist doctor increase the likelihood of success. However, it is very important that the person is psychologically strong.If you are confident, there is no reason not to trust your surgeon!

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